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Climate Initiatives


JCTRF- JALINGA CLIMATE TEA RESEARCH FOUNDATION- Our most ambitious venture till date is a non-profit organisation between Jalinga and Atmosfair, Germany. A joint effort to convert the whole Jalinga Tea Factory into the 1st Zero carbon Emission Factory in the world!


The concept of the Biomass pellets came from the excess of green matter waste in our estate, as not a lot was being done with the green matter waste, so instead of disposing the waste matter we are converting them into Biomass pellets, thus reducing and eventually replacing coal and reducing carbon emissions.


Most of the cook stove are bottom lit up whereas TLUD is a top lit up stove , thus reducing the biomass for combustion, the cook time is 50% faster and uses 60% lesser biomass for combustion, and they emit no fumes or no carbon from cooking.