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GM Policy Statement

GMO & Irradiation Policy Statement

Sahni Foods UK Ltd primarily work in the Meat  industries sourcing raw meat primal cuts and manufacturing meats and poultry in general.

We source a range of value added and further processed and coated products that are produced from meat and poultry.

We do not knowingly sell or purchase finished products whose ingredients have been subject to any genetic modification or ionising irradiation in their manufacture.

We have supplier specification and commercial agreements in place on the products we source and will undertake Supplier Self audit questionnaires, Site audits and documented traceability exercises to validate any identity preserved claims from our suppliers.

Our suppliers will have quality management systems in operation to confirm any of their non-GM product claims; these are also tested and validated on a regular basis.

We can confirm the Agents and brokers we use as well as our direct supply sites do not handle any genetically modified materials and have assurances in place from ingredients suppliers, confirming that all products are free from genetically modified ingredients.

Where suppliers make any formalised claims regarding the GM-free status of ingredients in finished products supplied to the company. The ingredients as named must be from an Identity Preserved (I.P) source, that is fully traceable and independently verified.

If any of the sub-ingredients used in the production of products supplied to Sahni Foods have been treated using ionising irradiation, it must be clearly identified, in accordance with the regulations on irradiated foods, on the packaging and in the specification.

Sub-ingredients that have been treated must be from an EU/UK authorised facility and the sub-ingredient must be fully traceable back to the plant.

David Sahni

Head of Operations , Sahni Foods UK Ltd

October 2020